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Personal bodyguards, VIP security, close protection services and more, across London. Bespoke security services for clients in need of safe and secure passage, whatever the circumstances. This is precisely what S&S delivers.

Our security team has been rigorously selected for their skills, comprehensive training and rich experience facilitating operations of the upmost importance and sensitivity, across the globe. They pride themselves in providing a prudent security presence, avoiding issues preemptively by detecting potential hostility from afar. A thorough understanding of London is, as ever, an S&S guarantee.

We are one of only a few London chauffeur companies that provides residential security, public event security and close protection security, with vast experience catering for everything from royalty and heads of state, to public figures, corporate VIPs and individuals of enviable wealth. Whatever your title, job, or circumstance, your safety is paramount, and with S&S, your safety is assured.


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We tailor all of our security packages to the individual needs of each client.
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